Week 6: making space bend drawing with photoshop

Week 6: Discussion 2-24
Discussion Caravaggio, Thing A day, your work
2-26 What you can do with fill, making patterns, section perspective

Homework: Due -3/3

Read interview and look at pictures of Benjamin Low
be prepared to talk about his work process.

1. Painting and drawing in photoshop
feel free to use your own sketch with this one.

2. 3d-text

Element 1: Tutorials
Element 2: Esher
Element 3: Pattern
Element 4: A wrinkle in time

HuH? How do I draw in Photoshop?

Read about Benjamin Low- be prepared to discuss

look up Esher- find a picture- be prepared to discuss.

Do tutorials. do your own work. save in your folders as jpgs.