In my PDFS

when building PDFs from Photoshop,flatten them before you save. All others, save as PDF in the program, reopen in acrobat, and save a reduced size PDF.

How it should look

yourname1.pdf ex: ruthwest1.pdf

pg 1 lovely title page YOUR NAME! with Logo

Pg 2 best of you haiku text

Pg 3 Best of your haiku picture

pg 4Final Catholic

Pg 5 Final Magnet ad

pg 6 Final Patty

Pg 7 Final Poster

Pg 8 Book Project

Pg 9 House

Pg 10 final group project Laid out beautifully

Pg 11 Personal Logo laid out beautifully

Pg 12 Bucket feet 1

PG 13 Bucket feet 2

Pg 14: Teeshirt mockup on Black Tees with your logo

Pg 15: Ad for your project next 10 years

Pg 16: Logos for restaurant

Pg 17: Logo restaurant on window etc...