Make sure your logo sheets are done! Personal Logo example

and your live trace piece is done


Illustrator Homework : On Nov 28


we are going to create and submit ideas for BucketFeet, artist design footwear. You are going to create a design in illustrator and submit it.

example of Bucketfeet work ( with personal logo!)

1) go to BucketFeet

2) go to create> submit a design

3) create a profile and download the templates

4) research what are the most popular designs


don't forget to work on your Historical Paper...Due the 5th!

Talk also is the 5th!

Nov 30 one or more-

bucketfeet logos shoes ( that makes at least 2, one done in class, and one done as homework- )please layout as I showed you in class with your logo at the bottom. But also save as Bucketfeet asks for them so you can upload them. Be prepared to show on screen. also they will need to be printed.