Ruth West
Associate Professor
Director- Computer Graphics/ Digital Arts

2nd Floor
Springfield College
(413) 367 2694

Spring 2014

office hours (spring 2017)

T/Th 11-12
T 1-3
W 1-1:30

Syllabi's Spring 17

Syllabus: Arts 260

Syllabus: Arts 190

Syllabus Questions.




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Pioneer Women Artists
56 programs


Arts 260:

Best of

thing a day

Thing a day site

Thing a Day
uploading to Iphone

Images and art words

Creative Commons

words to Critique Art

Your tutorials


I need

Stumbled upon -a Firefox app
Website banners
Webster's in Photoshop


Help I've fallen and I can't get up- ask a question...

Let's print it!

Cheaper color prints (Eric suggests) books and prints

Print on metal

Color profiles for your monitor

Blurb- print it and sell it books


Arts 190:
Community Service
week by week

Final Monday May 8 12:30


Syllabus Questions.

Questions asked of site.

Our Clients/ Awnsers to questions

YMCA in Peru- Jan 26
Institute for Musical Arts- Jan 31

Talk/Read/Suceed -Feb 2

Agwam Friends for Homeless Cats


Read /understand/ do first class

Syllabus Arts 190:
Syllabus Questions answer.

Week 1: Homework due1/26assignment